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Admin Functionality Access

  • Comes with 4 basic plan types for selection
    (Unilevel, Forced, Recycle and X-Up
    Forced matrix programs contain downlines with set widths (e.g. 3x7 matrix), and uni-level program structures contain downlines of unlimited width. Recycle is a tranformation from force with re-entry and X-Up is base on a certain number of member commission been pass up to sponsor upline. Each Downline structure can be as many levels deep and wide as you would like.
  • Setup Different Payment Types
    Admin can setup different payment types in the compensation plan. This allow admin to sell more than 1 type of products or subscription. Example as follow, you can have $50 membership/product and $100 membership/product within a plan itself.

  • Commission and Rules Setup
    Admin able to set commission calculation according to the payment type, giving the flexibility in setting up different commissions percentage/level for different membership type. (Example: Plan A with a $50 membership - commission level up to 3 level and 20% payout, with $100 membership - commission level to 5 level and 30% payout)

  • Promo Management
    Enhance your busines with vaious marketing system:

    • Ability to setup unlimited autoresponder campaign for your business
    • Ability to setup and distribute vouchers discount to members or customers
    • Ability to generate promotion codes in promotion offers
    • Ability to provide Tell-A-Friend system to your members or visitors to promote your business instantly
    • Create multiple Co-OP offers to your existing members in advertising campaign

  • Billing Management
    Manage all your customers/members payment process and transaction. Range from:

    • Adding New Transactions
    • Refund Transactions
    • Transaction Report Management
    • Payment Report Management
    • Sales Report Management
    • General Report Management
    • Process membership with Manual Payment Method (Cash/Cheque Order etc.)
    • Commission payout

  • Payment Processors
    Payment Processors supported are listed below, allowing for processing of payments and commission.

    • WorldPay
    • PayPal
    • E-Gold
    • SafePay Solutions
    • AlertPay
    • AsianPay
    • More will be coming soon

  • Members Management
    Activities related to members management will be updated instantly.

    • Admin can edit/modify/update/delete users’ profiles
    • Admin can search (wildcard *? supported) for a particular member by keying in the user id, First Name, Last Name and etc.
    • Export the database to CSV Format for:
      • Importing into any database program for extended editing or reporting needs
      • Capture valuable information for back-end sales
      • Create mailing lists, labels, merge into sales letters for mailings
      • Do growth forecasting and other analysis
    • Admin can view members commissions/downline structure

  • Communications
    Manage all communication channels with your members

    • Admin can access System mail settings (Edit/Create/Save).
    • Mailing system to email all your member instantly
    • Mailing system is equipped with personalized format
    • Mailing system support text and html format
    • Manage News Broadcast to members in website and members area
    • Manage Newsletter broadcast with in-build template system
    • Reply/Assist your members/Vistors enquries via in-build Support Tickets
      • Admin can set difference Support level type
      • Admin handle all tickets in the Admin Control Panel
      • Admin can edit/delete/close tickets
      • Members submit tickets in the member back office
      • Retail Customers submit tickets in the public website

  • Shopping Cart
    User-friendly shopping cart system in managing your products ordering

    • Ability to setup single. combo pack products
    • Ability to sort products into categories
    • Ability to set retail/member price
    • Ability to set quantity value for all products
    • Ability to set shipping & tax for all products base on countries sorting

  • Site Management
    EzyMLM PRO is 100% Template driven web page replicator for ease of replicating. Just update the template tag and all templates with that tag will be updated, saving you hours of editing. Admin is able to create multiple web site template themes for your members via in-build WYSIWYG editor.

  • Members Area Setup
    Admin able to edit/add/delete Members’ area pages anywhere anytime via in-build WYSIWYG editor.

  • Real-time Detailed/Tree Genealogy (downline) Reporting

    • Admin able to view full detailed downline report, displaying members’ profile
    • Tree structure downline viewing can be access by the admin to look at the members’ progress in graphical view
    • A report center displaying different kind of marketing calculations will assist you in understanding and monitoring your business

  • Multiple Admin Management
    Setup multiple admin accounts to your employee in managing your business. You can decide which admin access be given to them by distributing a set of username, password and team to the employee, ensuring that the employees can only access the functions you assign to them without revealing any sensitive features.

  • Site Configuration
    Below listed are some of the options you can setup EzyMLM Pro:

    • Ability to reserved User ID from been used by members
    • Ability to add in new text fields for signup page
    • Ability to enable/disable GD tuning number for signup/member login/admin login
    • Ability to set username and password format
    • Ability to setup payment gateway instantly
    • Ability to set Display records/downline/upline/news limit
    • Ability to enable/disable Webiste/Members back office login access
    • Ability to set Admin/Member Login Timeout Limit
    • Ability to enable sub domain ID tracking
    • Ability to set auto closing of support tickets
    • Ability to review cron jobs settings
    • Ability to set Admin/Member color theme

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