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EzyMLM PRO Addon/Modules

EzyMLM PRO is powered with unlimited features and add on that gives your business an approach that you want.

Choose between our difference Plan Modules that you desire for your business or enhance your customer services with our one of it kind online support.

If you are looking for quality software support ensuring your system, EzyMLM PRO Maintenance Package will be your next stop.

  • Binary Module
    EzyMLM Pro offer Binary Module with customizable ration payout. Detailed Tree Genealogy structure viewing and instant placement control in live mode.

  • Hybrid Pack
    Hybrid Pack consist all components for steady and expediential growth to your business in sales and members achievement.
    • Direct Sales Bonus
      Reward your members with instant commission on all retail sales while earning required SV points to promote to higher ranks and eligible for more commission bonus. Admin able to set commission payout percentage or amount with or without other SV requirement.
    • Infinity Bonus
      Reward your members with potential unlimited income earning throughout members individual downline organization. With commission Roll-Up feature, this boost your downline hard work effort and team work.
    • Profit Sharing Bonus
      Set number of share to be given out base on SV requirement and distribute percentage of company profits base on members eligible shares. With this feature, it create loyalties among members towards company and achieve higher potential income every month.
    • Car Bonus
      Create even more excitement with Car Bonus. All eligible members will enjoy corporate CEO privilege and eligible for Car Bonus Incentive.
    • Sales/Transaction Report
      With Hybrid Pack, all Sales and Transaction Reports will be customize to client requirements and needs.

  • Online CallMe Module
    Enhance your business support and sale conversion rate with direct online instant calling services.
    • Instant Online Callback
      With Instant Online Callback, it bring your business to borderless. All your customers or members are able to reach your phone support team no matter where they are. All they to do is to click on the "Call Button", insert their phone number and receive a instant callback directly from your phone support team. All these with auto setup without the hassle of calling individually and manually.
    • Appointment Settings
      With Appointment Settings, you can convert your Online Support to appointment booking during non office time. This allow your phone support team to call back to customers or members in the next business day. All these easily setup and manage in the admin control panel

  • Maintenance Packages
    EzyMLM PRO provides quality support services in software maintenance. All clients who signup to our maintenance packages will enjoy below support from our Support Team:
    • 24 hours Direct Email Support
      Each and every client will have direct access to our Support Team via Email Support and all replies will be within 12 hours from the time and date we received your support ticket.
    • Direct Phone Support
      Still not enough? How about direct Phone Support? Contact us via our support line with one of our friendly support staff and our staff will resolved within the needed time frame indicated to you base on the issues.
    • Software Maintenance
      All clients will receive free updates, allow minor changes or customization to the software to the software base on the maintenance package time frame.


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EzyMLM PRO network marketing management offers reliable, proven and trusted enterprise MLM software technology solutions in the industry. EzyMLM PRO can accommodate a wide range of compensation plans and Industry leading MLM tracking solutions.

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