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End-Users/Members Site Functionality Access

  • Personalized Self Replicating Web site
    Each member will receive their own personalized self replicating web site, with a static, search engine friendly URL, while using absolutely no disk space on your web server. (http://USERID.domain.com/ or http://www.domain.com/?id=USERID)
  • Sign Up Process
    Visitors can subscribe services by filling up a sign-up form and select payment. This process come with "Email Confirmation", whereby members will only get login access details via email to access members back office.

  • Lost Password Feature
    EzyMLM PRO is capable of sending password to any member that has either forgot their password or has lost their password. Save yourself from the problem of sending password to your group daily. This alone, could save you over 20 hours of your time weekly.

  • Member Login Process
    Members can login to the members back office with username and password 24 hours a day.

    (All features/services/pages in the member’s area will be password protected, no login details is on the address bar at all, we are using secure php session)

  • News Section
    Members able to keep updated with company news in back office.

  • Edit Profile
    Members can edit/update their personal profile. Eg, contact details, password, etc.
    Admin can customize which field to be editable.

    (Note to take: user id not changeable on members area)

  • Real-time Detailed/Tree Genealogy (downline) Reporting
    The view downline report is the fastest the industry has provided. Members can view downline of thousands of members under split seconds. Your members will no longer wait for an hour or more to view their downline report. You can even customize it in a way you like!

  • Real-time Commission History
    Real time commission or points tracking that show your members their commissions. When ever a member signed up you will see your commissions instantly and if the admin has set a holding period (cooling off period), you can see where is the commission being hold! This feature can also be use as a commission tracking feature on your site.

  • Request Funds/Commission Payout
    Members can request commission payout. Points will be deducted and stored in the withdrawal table until the admin process the transaction via the admin panel. Cases where the admin rejects the commission payout, the members will see the withdrawal value automatically refunded back to their account.

  • Automatic Email System
    Automatic Email Notifications to new member, sponsor and admin when a new member signs up. Even when a member deletes his membership, it could be configuration to automatically send an email to that member's sponsor that someone has deleted his membership in their downline. With this Software, managing an organization or downline or affiliate program has never been easier.

  • Support Ticket Panel
    Members able to submit enquries via support ticket available in members back office

  • Shopping Cart
    AN INTERNATIONAL Standard shopping cart integrated:
    • Members can shop and earn different commissions on different products
    • Retail Customers can purchase from the online shop

  • Design / Layout
    • Template struture implementation to:
      • allow layout changes to be adaptive, easy, and quickly to make
    • Support for dynamic image

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