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The Unilevel

Unilevel plans are, in general, the purest, simplest form of compensation structure. There’s no width limit (a set number of levels) usually ranging from three to nine, and varying bonus percentages on each level. The more volume you, and/or your organization moves within the defined depth, the more you will earn. Occasionally, there may be a "number of active distributor" quota that must also be met to achieve higher stages of bonuses, no one ever breaks away, no one passes anybody up in the hierarchy, and everyone’s volume always counts toward their upline’s monthly volume requirements. And most Unilevel plans incorporate roll-up and compression which enables an active distributor volume to reach deeper, previously uncommissionable, pay levels by temporarily moving that volume up over levels with inactive distributors.

Being such a simple, straightforward form of compensation plan, it is one that can usually be explained, and understood, by most people in a matter of a few minutes. It lends itself well to the duplication process so key to successful recruiting. Unilevel plans seldom overwhelm anyone, and are rarely intimidating to the new, inexperienced distributor.

Some companies trying to attract business builder types have added additional perks in the form of bonuses. You can find car bonuses, quick-start bonuses, monthly profit sharing plans, prize awards, and so forth.

Following are some other things to consider when looking at getting involved with a Unilevel:

  • Do you get paid on every commission level or are there volume or active distributor requirements?

    This varies from one program to the next. Many pay on every level simply by meeting you Monthly Product Volume. However, some Unilevels are trying to attract business builder types by putting in some additional requirements to get paid higher or deeper levels of commissions or bonuses.
  • What are the volume and/or active distributor requirements to get paid those deeper and/or higher levels of commissions?

    This is very important as it can change a plan that has been more or less designed for a part-time participation to one that requires a more full-time approach

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